[2021.12.16] Academy on Thursday


We did a one-game match and I won 8 for 8.

I was tired cause of Noah’s match, but I still tried to bring my intensity up, and I think it helped a lot.

Today I think I was able to prove to everyone including coach Wayne. I don’t know why, but Wayne and the other coach tell me to go close to the net more, but I don’t think I should go close, my dad and Lavie coach say that I am in the right spot for a volley, but BHB club coach says something different?

Good things

  1. My footwork was crazy fast, so good.
  2. I was able to hit the ball deep and the ball had a decent speed, so I think it was good.
  3. Not just the ball, but I was able to also shake the opponent and make them run. and that is when I think put more drop shots in.
  4. I used a lot of inside out forehand and push the opponent.

Things I have to change

  1. When the opponent is at the net I am so bad at passing then I tend to give them a chance ball
  2. I also want to follow through for backhand I still stop the follow-through.
  3. I am able to do my takeback small, but I do it late so there is no point which means I have to do my takeback early including volley backhand.
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