[2021.12.21] SPARTA


I did a 6 Games Match with Saqib and I lost 4-6.

Today was a match day, we only did matches. There were only 10 players so we had only a single battle. We did 10 points mostly and other than that it was a 6 games match with Saqib Mahmood. It was a long match, I didn’t win, but I had lots of fun, and I think it was not a bad match at all.

Good things

  1. I used a lot of moon ball so that I can make him on defense mode.
  2. I targeted his backhand which I think was a good thing.
  3. I used the fast shots, and slow shots and he had hard times.
  4. I had fast service, which is a great thing.
  5. I shook him around, and I was on attack mode ( most of the time )

Things I have to change

  1. I need to wear a hat.
  2. I need to drink more water.
  3. I need to say the score out loud.
  4. I have to use less underarm and more overarm.
  5. I used too much moonball, and there were some points that I think I could have hit flat.
  6. I had good service so I could of gone to the net more.
  7. I need to hit stronger for backhand.

Why do I do these things

  1. I get annoyed when I am wearing a hat, so I feel like taking them off.
  2. I want to keep playing the match and I forget about drinking water.
  3. I get scared that I might double fault, and I tend to use underarm. 
  4. I am scared that I might homerun my backhand, and I plop it.
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