[2022.1.11] Lavie training


We did 4 different types of feeding, and there were six of us so we got a group in 3, and Seb feeds the other, and Chris feeds the other.

The first one is hitting 4 forehands crosscourt, the Second one is 2 forehand, and 2 backhands all cross-court, Next is 2 Forehand crosscourt, and 1 inside out forehand Adv side. Last one is 1 short backhand 1 deep backhand, 1 short forehand, and 1 deep forehand in a different order, and we can hit it anywhere we want to.

Good things

  1. I pushed the ball, and it was deep, it was kind of flat.
  2. I was relaxed the whole time, and my feet were moving.
  3. I had a good backhand I used my arm, but it was ok.
  4. I had a spin on my backhand, and it went through the high part of the net.
  5. My volley was good, my racket end was straight going forward and that was my goal.
  6. For my volley, I was able to hit deep and drop volley well.

Things I have to change

  1. I want to put more topspin on the ball and make it consistent I was doing so much net.
  2. I want to hit my smash a little better which means both consistency and power.
  3. I want to use more of my body because when my strike zone gets a little moved I tend to hit it with my arm. I want to use more of my hip joint.
  4. When there is a short ball I want to go forward and attack instead of waiting and doing slice and going on defense mode.
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