[2022.1.4] Lavie Camp


It was 6 hours with 2 hours lunch break, and my leg was dead after 6 hours.

Today’s focus was on preparation and reading people’s minds on the court. 
I learned that you can set up quicker by looking carefully at the opponent’s movement/takeback. WHICH MEANS FOR ME I need to make sure to fake drop shot or slice just like I am hitting a regular forehand. I also learned to smash my left hip to the ball for backhand.

I won against Pranav 5-4 it was because he was very tired and I was moonballing until I get an easy ball. My tactics were to use a slow floating ball that goes deep and make the rally slow, then I won’t have to deal with Pranav’s super topspin forehand. I made him use a slice which he struggled with so much. 

Good things

  1. I did my serve like Suzuki, and I did my tose a little bit on the left and put a little slice, and it worked out pretty well. I have flat served for 1st serve, and spin on 2nd but I did slice/flat mix for 1st serve.
  2. I tried to not do fast tennis against Pranav because he has a very heavy forehand, and in the squad, I don’t want to play against Pranav’s forehand the most.
  3. I did S&V a lot because I wanted to use my services as an advantage more.

Things I have to change

  1. When a chance ball comes, I don’t go forward and I end up leaning into the ball and using my arm and doing net.
  2. I might want to use a different type against Pranav because I am defensive, but I use high loop ball, and if the opponent was Damien he would drive volley my loop ball, but Pranav doesn’t drive volley so I was able to win.
  3. I need to do my preparation earlier and be more ready to hit the next fast ball that is coming.
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