[2022.2.12] Try out for the Noah Tennis Academy


Noah Junior Tennis Academy is an indoor court and there was 1 coach teaching around 10 people, We did point, and we did tough drills. There was only 1 person who is the same age as me, and the other people were all older than me. There was 3 court, 1 Astro, and 2 hard courts. We mostly trained on the hardcourt and since the court didn’t have much air it was like carpet and the ball went so fast and low, so I needed to brush more.

What I learned

  • I need full swing for my backhand and brush fully to the end, that way I get more power and more topspin
  • I have to do my take back faster because the court is so fast, and I have to get low, and hit.
  • I hit the ball to the crosscourt too much, because I am hitting that place, so I need to put my weight down the line when I want to hit down the line.
  • I need to keep moving my feet even when I get tired, and I need to bend down and up.

Good things

  • I was swinging my racket, and I was hitting a fastball like the older ones.
  • I was using my brain when we were doing picking up drop shot point.
  • I had a good slice that I hit. My slice is very good.
  • I had a good drop shot then I did a lob to make them back and miss.
  • My foot was moving in the beginning, so much and I hit good shots.

Things I have to change

  • I did many double faults and I mostly lost because of that.
  • I had many chance ball misses that I am pretty upset about.
  • I want to prepare faster and hit my backhand in the front.
  • I want to do more volleys and netplay.
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