[2022.2.19] Try out for the Lucent Tennis Club (the 2nd day)


Today Lucent Tennis Club was different from yesterday and there was the year 4 person’s brother and he is year 5 but he is 166 cm tall, that is why he had more power over me and had a heavy serve. I won against him tiebreaker 7-5, and he does a little bit of a silly mistake so I kept hitting it to his backhand and wait for his mistake. He has a fast service so I was trying to not hit there.

What I learned

  • I should think more when I am rallying, and think about my position, then I won’t have to move more than I have to. When I hit the cross-court I need to stay on the opposite side and between the singles line and centerline. Volley is different I need to follow the ball.
  • When I think I am winning in a rally, I need to hit at a place where they can’t attack then I will be able to go to the net and make them miss.
  • I need to hit the sky more when I am serving.

Good things

  1. I hitting to the backhand side deep and I got lots of winner.
  2. I tried to brush down to up then when I realised the ball was 1m above the net and I was hitting so many good shots.
  3. I was swinging my racket when I am returning I was always on defence mode.

Things I am going to do next time.

  1. My volley’s racket face is up so the ball goes up so I need to either go forward more or face my racket down more.
  2. I need to go and use more flat and powerful ball to cross court then make my move.
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