[2022.3.1] Academy at Lucent Tennis Club


I did 2 handed backhand swing, but I don’t regret doing the one-handed backhand because now I know how hard is to do 1 handed backhand. And My two-handed backhand was good as always, and now I can stretch my arm more from the one-handed and I can now hit my backhand deeper.

Today it was a different coach and to be honest, he didn’t fit me, he teaches me old tennis styles like swinging my racket slow, or using a forehand slice so I can get the ball in, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

What I learned from the coach

  1. To hit more forehand slices because the slice is easy to get the ball in.
  2. To swing my racket slowly, because I am not consistent.
  3. To get behind the baseline, and use lob, against people who are good.
  4. To not use rising to hit the ball, I should step back.
  5. I really understand the fact that he wants me to hit the ball in, but I tried this in NZ many many times and I lost so many to people who hit the ball hard. Good players don’t miss, and I shouldn’t wait I should make a move to make the mistake.

Good things

  • I hitting to the backhand side deep and I got lots of winners.
  • I tried to brush down to up then when I realized the ball was 1m above the net and I was hitting so many good shots.
  • I was swinging my racket when I am returning I was always on defense mode.

Things I am going to do next time.

  • I hit such a good shot in the practice but when it comes to the point I get weak and I start doing so many mistakes, and I start to not swing my racket.
  • I should use a bit more drop shots because to people who load so much I should make them not hit them on their strike zone.
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