[2022.3.11] Academy at Lucent Tennis Club


Today was Waseda coach and my racket’s string broke yesterday so I used my dad’s tennis racket Galaxy Black Vcore 100, it was 300g but I didn’t feel anything. But I liked my old one because of the grip size.

And to be honest Waseda coach’s lesson is much more hard and strict than other coaches’ lessons, and I really love it.

What I learned from the coach

  • There are so many players out there who hits such a nice shot and win so many winners but then when those great players out there play scholars there hesitate to hit the ball hard that is their actual limit.
  • There are those players who say that they were playing badly when they lose, and that means that they aren’t good because they say excuse when they lose.
  • I need to make my takeback straight as I did in Nagoya then I can go quick into my strike zone. I think I make my takeback at a high place, and that is why I go too low when I hit the ball.

Good things

  • I was able to get the ball into the court and I used a bit more high balls.
  • I hit my serve fast without even trying to hit the ball hard.
  • I didn’t use that much slice because I was focusing on my backhand.

Things I have to change

  • I need to go and use a more flat and powerful ball to cross-court then make my move.
  • I want to put more consistency on my 1st serve because my 2nd serve is good but my 1st serve barely goes in.
  • I need to hit the ball 20cm back that way I can put more topspin on the ball, but when the ball is high I can’t brush, so I need to get back, and use footwork, to recover and hit the ball at my strike zone.
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