[2022.3.12] Academy at Lucent Tennis Club


Today was Waseda coach and it was a precious time. He watched me playing 6 games match with shin, and I learned many new things. After that, I was doing not so well at the training so I got kicked out for a bit and I went to the bathroom for a very long time, and the coach gave me a precious lesson.

What I learned from the coach

  1. Try to hit all returns with forehand especially for 2nd serve because that is how you can go aggressive.
  2. I need to make my backhand way more consistent because good players out there would go for my backhand all the time, and I won’t last for 3 shots of that.
  3. I need to wait at the baseline if I hit a good shot and go to the backhand side because then I can finish the point with my forehand.
  4. I need to know what training I should do and then I have to do the purpose of the training.
  5. I need to go more into the court when I am returning 2nd serve.
  6. I need to hit my backhand 10cm front that way I can brush the ball more.
  7. I need to focus to go around my backhand with my forehand and go attack.
  8. In tennis, I have to do something that gives pressure to the opponent, if I do something easy and if the opponent is having an easy time there is no point and the opponent will attack and I will have a hard time.
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