[2022.3.17] Academy at Lucent Tennis Club


It is Thursday and it is the coach that lets us hit so many balls. It is the last session with him. Today we also did netplay, and service, unlike the general days. Today my blister was very bad and I couldn’t hold my racket and I would make my grip to eastern so my blister part wouldn’t touch the straight sharp part of the racket. I was able to hit good topspin down to up though…

What I thought

  • When I moved my shoulder in a circle shape I realized it will give me so much topspin, so I tried to make a big C shape with my shoulder doing nothing with my arm, and it gave me so much topspin.
  • I can’t hit a fastball back because of my big take back so I made the c smaller and smaller till it was a normal size takeback.
  • All the player in the ATP has a different take back but in the end just before they hit the ball all the players have the same body movement.
  • When I am doing a smash I only think of hitting the middle part of the racket and keep facing the side because I don’t need to think of swinging my racket fast.

Good things

  • I knew when to attack and when to get the ball in so it was easy for me to decide and hard for them to play.
  • I was watching their racket movement so I knew what they were gonna do so it was very easy for me to find my position.

What I am going to do for the next session

  • I will keep saying YES, and NO because I then know when to attack and when to defend.
  • Hitting the top part of the ball when I serve then there will be a spin and it was perfect.
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