[2022.3.3] Academy at Lucent Tennis Club


Today the coach was different and he was like yesterday’s coach but he is very good. he is so consistent and he doesn’t miss his forehand 99% he misses his backhand, but not forehand.
He makes his racket go down to the ground then he brushes up so much. When I rally with him I am the one who misses all the shots, but he doesn’t swing his racket as fast as others would do, so it was easy for me to hit the ball.

What I learned from the coach

  • There is defense and attack in tennis, and it is important to know when you attack and when to defend.
  • Consistent is something that you can repeat so it doesn’t have to be topspin it can be flat and anything as long as you can repeat.
  • You shouldn’t rush to hit a good ball when I am hitting a ball think that the ball will always come back.

Good things

  • I did many rising shots and I was helping my buddy and other people, I said a much nice shot calls, and my feeling was so positive all the time.
  • My serve was not that good I did many frames shots.

Things I am going to do next time.

  • I am going to run faster to the net and do better volley, and finish the point.
  • I am not going to use so many drop shots just because I don’t want to miss them.
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