[2022.4.11] Noah Tennis Academy first day


This is my 3rd day, and I had 2 trials (25 March and 12 February) and this is my 1st day of actually joining Noah tennis academy.

To be honest, it wasn’t really hard like the trial, I was the best in there but there was this year 4 boy who was really good, I was better than him, but he was really good.

What I learned

  • I need to put more topspin on my backhand, it is getting really better but the coach told me I should put the same level of topspin on my forehand.
  • I shouldn’t be afraid to do serve and volley, I need to go to the net if I think I am winning the point.
  • I did many double faults, and I practically gave the opponent half of the point that he has I have to make my service more consistent.
  • I should think about pronation more when I serve, that way I will be able to make my 1st serve more consistent.
  • Sometimes when I serve at my trophy position I lift my arm too low, so lift it higher and try to keep my hand in that position.
  • When I hit my stroke it is very important to get my energy from my hip and twist my body.
  • For volley, I shouldn’t hit the ball while going sideways and always go forward while hitting.
  • When I serve I should jump and go over the baseline.
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