[2022.4.14] Noah Tennis Academy doing match the whole time


Today was all Okamoto coach for half the time and the after the other half we did it with Yashima coach.

What I learned

  • I need to have more space with me and my racket when I hit backhand because I get too tight and I can only hit a backhand.
  • I need to keep low when I am waiting for the opponent to hit the ball I should stand in the middle of the spot after I hit get ready and move fast.
  • I should hit the ball at a higher place because if I hit the ball at a higher place I can just bring the ball down.
  • I shouldn’t hit drop shots because I will lose concentration and lose focus.
  • I need to hit my backhand more deeply because it goes really low and the opponent can hit the ball very easily.
  • I hit the ball very short so I need to make my racket face flatter and hit the ball deeper.
  • I slice my back weirdly so get under the ball and slide it.
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