[2022.4.18] Noah Tennis Academy played match with a really good boy


It is Monday and I was able to take my warm-up much easier than last time because I do the hard warm-up at home. I played a time match with this boy who hits very fast and heavy balls. I lost because I wasn’t able to hit the shot I want to hit. If I could I would have won against him. We did some training and some serving I learned very fun facts about serve. I am very Noah and I want to play more tennis.

What I learned today from the coach today

  • Winning by the attack, and winning by lop, and slice are both good but losing by attacking and losing in a lop, and slice is very different because when you lose, there has to be a reason, and if you lose by attacking it just has to mean you have to be consistent or something that is very clear, and it is a good try. By when you lose by lop or slice the reason is quite obvious it is that the opponent was attacking and you lost.
  • When I serve my front leg moves so much when I tose so when I do a serve practice put a tennis ball under my front leg’s heel and you will be able to balance and have a good tose.
  • My tose should be on the baseline because that is where I hit my racket.

Good things

  • I was hitting to their backhand, and when there is a chance ball I hit to their forehand side, and they couldn’t get a clue because from the baseline I hit backhand so they will think I will hit to the backhand on the chance ball.
  • I didn’t do much double fault and instead, I had a very good slice serve that I don’t usually have.

What I am going to do for the next session

  • I need to hit topspin against a fastball not slice because I will have a hard time trying to get the perfect timing against a fastball.
  • I do foot fault when I serve so make sure to keep my foot still and bend down without thinking about anything.
  • When I hit my forehand I need to hit more flat and fast shots.
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