[2022.4.20] Noah Tennis Academy


Today was all Okamoto coach for the whole day and I did stretch with him at the end and it hurts so much.

What I learned

  • Today I learned to tie my shoes properly because shoes are the most important thing in tennis more than a racket and strings. And I should tie my 3rd one, 4th one, and my last one. If I don’t tie my shoe soft then my body will automatically use energy there and it is like running on sand. It is soft so I will use more body parts, and I might even injure myself. I sometimes wait for my loading power because of my shoe, so please be careful when you tie your shoe.
  • I now have a very good topspin ball that I can hit deep and I can really use, but I can’t hit a very fast speedball that is flat so I won’t be able to take their time away when I have a chance ball, and since I don’t have a speedball I won’t be having a good passing shot when the opponent comes to the net.
  • I might want to aim a little more into the court and more in the middle because if I aim to the side I will make a mistake.
  • People have a bad habit of believing what they see and sometimes your eye is looking from a different angle than it should be, so it is the same on the tennis court you might look like the court is so fat and big but the truth is that the court is actually thin and long because if you measure it, the straight sideline is almost 3x longer than the baseline and when people draw a tennis court they draw it so fat.
  • When I hit in the open stance I hit the ball late so I tend to gain my energy by going up so if I hit the ball more front then I will be able to twist more and hit a faster and heavier ball.
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