[2022.4.27] Noah tennis academy


There were lots of people today because it is Wednesday and everybody joins. Okamoto coach taught us the whole time. Today was a little different we did point practice for the time and serves at the end.

What we did today

  1. We did core training like usual and it hurt more than usual because I was off on 3 days trip.
  2. We did rally and I was able to hit the very strong ball with a western grip but what I didn’t like is that I can hit a very powerful serve but when there is a fastball coming to me I go defense mode and hit the ball out.
  3. After that, we just kept doing point practice till 6:30 pm and I had pretty good confidence but then I realized that my weight wasn’t in the front enough and that I lost but going back.
  4. I was surprised that I didn’t do much net even when I did my grip western.
  5. At last, I did serve but we did front the start and learned that in every sport if you want to throw a good ball/serve then the arm height has to be the same height as your shoulder.
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