[2022.4.5] NOAH Tennis Academy 1 day camp


There were around 20 people and with all ages year 5 to college people we did training and match and doubles too, I was doing very good in the practice match. I learned many things and I have to focus on many things.

What I learned in this whole day

  • I do power loss when I do serve and I waste my bending energy when I serve so try to swing my racket even when it is pressuring moments.
  • My forehand take back is very slow and I need to focus on my split step and act fast.
  • I need to be able to understand and hold on to tough and unfair moments in daily life because it happens in matches and it is very important.
  • I have a strong core so I can handle many strong balls, and that is why my uni-tern is the key, I need to keep it up.
  • My strategy is hit hard, go defense, S&V, drop shot, and slice, but today I found the greatest way of the strategy, it only works on return games, but it is very helpful and I won many points with this strategy. It is to go 4 rackets forward from the baseline on their second serve because then I can go attack on the slow loop ball and make the opponent rush and go volley after the attack.
  • I was able to attack the chance ball and not be afraid and do a drop shot, but I hit the ball to their backhand most of the time for every shot so for stroke go for their backhand, and when there’s a chance ball hit crosscourt.
  • When I hit my smash I rush to hit, and I need to slow down my racket head speed to hit the sweet spot. I shouldn’t rush and I need to concentrate on where to hit.
  • I am starting to be able to hit a very heavy topspin ball but my aiming area is not big enough so the opponent can easily return by just tapping the ball, I must make my aiming area wider and move the opponent at the same time.
  • I shouldn’t forget what my coaches told me, that I shouldn’t wait for the ball I must hit at a high place as much as possible.
  • I was able to understand yes and no ball so I didn’t really miss much, I have to keep doing this.
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