[2022.4.9] Hontamon Tennis Club


It was the exact same as yesterday but there was one person away and in a different court.
And played a match with the little sister, and this time I won, and I even played the coach some few points and I played very well and I won.

What am I going to do next time


The reason why I think I am losing power is that I am hitting the ball too high and, some coaches say you can hit a better serve the higher place you hit your serve but that is half false because the higher place you hit your service does allow you to be able to hit from a higher angle but at the same time it doesn’t always mean you can hit a faster service, because there is a human height, and by hitting it at a higher place it might lose power so when I think my 1st serve is missing, try to hit the ball hard as you can on the ground then you try to do the same but hit it directly to the net, then your service is kind of set in the position.
Try to do your toss in the right position and in a couple of time you will definitely be able to get in in the right position.

What learned in the match against the year 5 girl, and against the coach.

I need to hit my ball deeper, and I want to hit faster and to do that need to swing my racket faster and my weight should be going more forward like Carlos Alcazak then I will be able to push my opponent.
When I volley my wrist doesn’t have to be 100% straight because that is the reason why tennis elbow happens.
When I do my backhand slice do it from my shoulder then I will be able to get more power easily.

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