[2022.5.11] Noah Tennis Academy


What kind of today’s lesson?

It was Okamoto coach and we did reach point battle for a warm-up it was not that easy for me because my body was very tired and my arm’s muscle was very loose. after that, I and another player did very quick feeding on Okamoto coach and then I got my body to loosen up.

What is the most impressive advice your coach gave you?

It was a tough day because there were not many people and our training was hitting the ball hard. we did medicine ball throw and it was very tough. we did 3 people rotation including me. After the throwing, my body felt pretty good.

What do you keep in mind from today to improve Kohtaro’s tennis? Do you want to do it?

Hit the ball at the back but I have to move forward because my miss is actually the same, if I do a net that means that my body is leaning forward and if I do an over that means that I leaning backward, so make sure that I have to keep my body straight.

Today’s self-analysis score

The concentration ratio of serve practice:0/5
Power to shake the racket:5/5
Probability of the ball courting in:5/5

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