[2022.5.16] Noah Tennis Academy


How was today? What was it like?

It was only Okamoto coach and we did point practice and it was hard because I played this dude who is not that good but all the game starts with him having 1 point head start and I only have one serve it was very tough, but I kept thinking out control and I kept moving him and I ended up winning 6-2, and after that, me and Okamoto coach did a backhand development lesson.

What piece of advice did your coach give you?

He told me to keep moving my feet and to be honest, he didn’t really teach me anything new he kept giving me tasks, like example making 10 2nd serve in a row, or hitting 30 shots in the backhand corner. He told me to move faster and focus on my foot.

To improve from now on what are you going to think when you are playing tennis.

Of course about making my hand light and what I learned today was that I make my racket at the same height as the ball and my grip is western so when I hit the ball’s back I can really hit the ball deep and I get spin from my western grip which is very good. I also had a good service but my tose is 2 high and I think I am losing power so I will try and do a quick-serve.

Score for today

The concentration ratio of serve practice:5/5
Power to shake the racket:1/5
Probability of the ball courting in:5/5

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