[2022.5.9] Noah Tennis Academy


It was a tough day because there were not many people and our training was hitting the ball hard. The coach kept telling me to do full swing and hit the ball hard. And in the beginning, it was fine but then I realized that it was not easy, and in the end, I died(JK). In the very end, we did a few doubles.

What I am going to do next time I go to court

  • I hit a very good shot when I am going forward, but then I get late, so get my reaction faster, but also think about going forward after I hit the ball.
  • Drink more water, not juice sports drink or drink helps your blood move and at the same time, it makes your skin clan.
  • I had a good 2nd serve on the court, but on the 1st serve I think I could have hit a better 1st serve, and next time I go on court, get my right arm faster up, then my left arm will go down.
  • I use slice when I am in a bad situation but the problem is that it is short so I think I will go with the topspin and it is back deep or counters.
  • I go defense when I am winning so well, and I hit the ball so flat when I am on defense mode, so think more about YES/NO when I am on the court.
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