[2022.6.6] Noah Tennis Academy


How was today? What was it like?

I had very good consistency but I wanted to have more power. I didn’t lose many points in the practice match, but I am not happy with myself because it didn’t feel like I won by playing tennis, my serve was terrible it just hasn’t been the same since the last time I hurt my back.

What piece of advice did your coach give you?

  • I need to think more about stroke’s pace. I have to know that if I get my speed higher my consistency gets lower. And my speed gets slower if I make my consistency higher.

To improve from now on what are you going to think when you are playing tennis.

I am going to change my speed and timing when I am playing I go, so fast to so slow so I am going to get the pace not move much.

I swing my racket way too fast and I have to understand that there are way’s I can get power even without swinging my racket ultra fast.

Score for today

The concentration ratio of serve practice:3/5
Power to shake the racket:3/5
Probability of the ball courting in:1/5

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