[2022.1.7] What do I need to be a stronger player?



I need more speed going back because my side movement is good, but my forward back isn’t good enough and I do many short balls because I can’t get behind the ball fast enough.


I need 80% serve that goes in no matter what and use that as a 2nd serve. Then I have to have a speedball that I can control. I will use that for my first serve.

I have to try and do long rally for the first few points and see where they hit and where do they move.

I also want to have a volley that is able to finish points right away. I also have to keep moving my foot mindset.

And the last thing is that I have to be able to hit my backhand just like my forehand

Mental Toughness

I have to think about the match, not about yourself or other people. And I have to think about what I can do right at that place like moving your foot, taking back quicker, standing more back, etc.

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