[2022.2.2] 7 things I am glad I started tennis in New Zealand


I made friends

This is one of the most things I enjoyed doing tennis here, at the start many people didn’t notice me, but then as I get better I start getting known by others. And it was fun meeting them and watching them play their matches.

Having fun with others who play tennis

I have enjoyed relaxing, and even having playdates with one of them. I have learned even gaming from them, and there are older ones, who told me many stories and made me laugh so much.

I played different matches

I liked when I play a good match, not when I won, there were matches that I won but not good. Win or lose is the next thing, first is the feeling, and I loved reviewing the match and talking about how I felt and how it was.

I joined Lavie

Lavie is the academy I go and there are real pros and pro coaches that teach me, I learned to understand UTR points and how they work and how it shows how good you are, etc. I have learned mental, and how pro think when they are struggling, etc. I met coaches that had different ideas.

Improving Tennis Skill

I met many coaches and I learned lots of things. For example, pronation of service…. Not just in Lavie but I met Japanese coaches in Nz too. They tell me about NZ skill level and how to win in matches, more specifically. I enjoyed that, and when I am going to Japan, I asked them about stuff and they happily answered me.

Doing Fitness

Fitness helped me with tennis, but also in running and general. I was able to jump higher because my achilles got stronger and I was running faster because my quad got stronger and I am able to get a faster drive. I stretched and trained then my body got very strong.

Playing and researching Racket

I have seen many different types of racket I have seen why they chose that racket and their reason of why. It was fun trying others’ rackets and seeing the weight and the details. The racket was 1 of the most thing I enjoyed touching.

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