[2022.2.3] 7 things I am excited to do in Japan in tennis


Tennis club

I am excited to go to other tennis clubs because there will be different courts and I will be able to see many different people and different coaches. I can’t wait to see the difference of NZ and JP.

Tennis mates and friends

I will be able to hit with others because there are more tennis people in Japan, I can’t wait to see more play styles of tennis, there will be people who use moon ball or people who only do drop shots. I cant not wait.

Meet Takuma san

Takuma san is the person who I respect the most in tennis, and I haven’t seen in ages so I want to see how much I improved and I want him to introduce me to many good players and coaches.

New racket

Of course one of my favorite thing about tennis is a racket and looking at other rackets.
I am going to probably go crazy when I go to a racket shop but it will be fun. And also I can see other people’s rackets and ask them questions, and I am sure I will have fun.

Clay court

I have never tried clay court and many people say that clay court is very popular in Japan so I will be able to try it. It says that it is very tiring in clay and you get tired 3 times quicker than hard court, so it will be fitness training too.

Tennis match

I am not sure but I want to do a tennis match and I am pretty sure I will get to try, so when I do, I want to see my own level in japan and see the opponent’s difference compared to NZ.

Diffrent type of teaching from Japan

Of course, there are different types of coaches and teaching so in Nz they might say something that JP people say differently. I will learn different things and I hope I don’t get mixed up, but I will definitely improve.

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