[2022.2.4] 3 tennis rackets that I am looking forward


Head Extreme Lite

Head extreme is a yellow racket that gives topspin and Matteo Berrettini uses I want to use this racket because I hit flat and I want to use egg ball. The racket’s frame is thick and there is space that gives the racket’s string to move which gives the topspin.

Head Radical S

Radical is an orange racket, and it doesn’t give me power so much, and to be honest, it is like gravity and speed mixed together. It gives me topspin, not as extreme, but it gives control, so I won’t do much unforced errors.

Dunlop CX400

This racket the harder you hit the more bend it goes.
The harder you hit the ball the more good part of this racket comes out.

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