[2022.4.15] How I am going to play my tennis style


When I went to Noah Tennis Academy, one of the coaches told me that I am really good when the chance ball comes, but I wait too much till it comes so I need to make my opponent give me a chance ball.

What I learned

  • I have to hit my backhand more aggressively because I have a good forehand but when there is a looping ball I can’t hit hard with my backhand.
  • When I am getting pushed I always just tap the ball, I need to do a massive counter so that I can go attack.
  • I shouldn’t try to get a winner but I should think about going to the net and finishing the point because the volley is one of the most powerful weapons in tennis.
  • I need to use more drive volley because I always wait till the ball bounces when I can just drive volley and win the point.
  • I need to go forward more when the ball bounces in the serves box, don’t wait, go for everything you can do.
  • I should think about my position and play tennis.

some strategy

  1. Hit crosscourt fast, then hit to backhand regular then hit backhand high, and go forward to the net and do a drive volley.
  2. When I hit my serve, hit an open court next, and after that hit a fastball short to the open courtside and after that do a passing.
  3. do a one-punch return and the opponent will be pushed and he/she will go defense, after that do a drop shot to their backhand side, while they are running, and go for netplay.
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