[2022.4.16] Training with people


It was very fun, except that I wasn’t really having a good service and I was really missing a lot. My forehand was good but it was short so it wasn’t really effective. I need to hit my shots more deeply.

We did some short tennis then long tennis then cross rally, then some volley and we did some practice, after that we played a little bit of game. 

What I thought

  • I need to relax more on rally instead of doing jumping shots and missing just use my shoulder muscle and get the feeling.
  • When I serve sometimes my tose goes too high so I need to watch out more for the height instead of the movement and do the tose from my shoulder.
  • I had a good slice because I focused on my shoulder muscle and it was very easy and I had a very powerful slice.
  • When I do my backhand keep my poster straight because I sometimes go forward too much and end up doing net.
  • Today I learned that the shoulder muscle is very important because it is easy for me to create power with my shoulder.

Good things

  • I had good down the line when I hit my forehand, and it was a great option for me to be able to hit down the line.
  • I had a good drop shot which was making the opponent move forward and backward, I was able to make the opponent move.

What I am going to do for the next session

  • I need to use more high balls because people who can’t control the racket’s face are not good at returning the high balls.
  • Do more slices on my backhand because it is effective.
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