[2022.4.17] Practice at Tarumi Sports Garden


There were 10 people and we did [short tennis, long tennis, cross court, volley and stroke, and long tennis match] for warm-up, and we did some unique training system that is a match/game.
I and my dad joined and of course, we were the best. In the end, we did some doubles games and when I and my dad came together we never lost. We played a good combination.

What I can improve

  • I used too many drop shots when I didn’t need to, so reducing the drop shot and more topspin shots.
  • I should focus more on making my opponent go back instead of trying to make them go forward.
  • My ball went sometimes short and that is because I hit the top part of the ball, it is good to hit the top part of the ball, but I need to aim high, and also I need to move my weight to the front.
  • When I hit the ball at first I was really late, and that is why decided to say, ‘take back’ ‘hit’ and it worked really well I wasn’t late anymore and I was starting to be able to hit the ball and making my weight at the front.
  • The time I use my slice was perfect and it was really good but when I hit my topspin after my slice, my feeling gets weird and I end up hitting the ball late so I need to practice my topspin backhand more.
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