[2022.5.14] Watching the best coach and having dinner with him


He lives in Nagoya and he had a match in Osaka, so I and dad decided to go and visit him and after that, we went to dinner with him. In the match, my coach twisted his leg and he withdraw at the very last moment, the score was. 2-6 6-2 1-5. It was a tough game.

Tips and shock I learned

  • It is important to do a warm-up and run before the match to make or body warm.
  • I don’t have power as much as other people and then I need to hit the back of the ball and blast when I want to hit a flat and powerful ball (Spin is different) When I try to hit hard my Body axis moves very much and then I get very rusty so if I hit the ball’s all I have to do is twist my body.
  • Continuing from the last one, For my forehand, I will hand until all my hip, shoulder and everything moves, and then my hand will move faster and become kind of the whip.
  • When I try to hit my one-handed backhand, the ball goes very high and very lobby, and it is the same as the last, I need to directly hit my racket behind the ball.
  • I shouldn’t think about saving my energy or anything in the match because if I think about sav9ing my energy I will get tired of the situation right in front of me, because for example if I do 2 slices and then when I chance ball comes in front of me it will be hard of me to hit the ball hard on the next one.
  • When I take back do not even think about my hard at all, and actually think like there is a racket stuck on my shoulder and I have to hit with that and think about my lower body.
  • training my upper body, and core aren’t used that much I need to train the back part of my lower body that way I will be able to hand still when I hit the ball.
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