[2022.7.5] Watching a youtube video of Iorisan getting taught by a coach


After watching this video what I’m going to do next time.

  • After I hit the ball always go back to the position.
  • When I hit my backhand don’t forget to turn my shoulder in.
  • Always do my weight transfer back to forward.
  • If the ball is lower than the net I should hit spin, but if the ball is higher hit it flat.
  • Hit at my sweet spot of the racket.
  • If it is a long 3-set match don’t waste all my energy.
  • Make my follow-through bigger that way my ball will run faster.
  • Don’t put pressure on my arm it should be relaxed.
  • My weight should be forward, the only time my weight is back is when I am trying to get the ball in.
  • The more back your hit the ball, the flatter and string you should hit the ball.
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