[2021.12.15] Hitting with Damian at Pompallier Lawn Tennis Club

Hitting practice

Preparation before hitting

  1. Use center theory and make damian hit hard shot, so he will miss
  2. Use %90 topspin even when you are off balance
  3. Try going into the net more.
  4. Think positive when you miss.
  5. When you do double fault don’t look at the ground look at the sky.
  6. Say NICE SHOT 5 times in the match to Damian
  7. Don’t go for aces try to get the ball in 1st.

After the hitting

Today things didn’t go exactly as planned. My feet were dead for some reason, and my forehand, even Kyle’s forehand was better than mine. I wasn’t using my body at all. My backhand was good enough for me and I was able to hit it deep and fast, but the thing is that I can’t do full swing for backhand when there is a fastball. I just stop it for some reason. 

My serve wasn’t that bad only 5 double faults in 10 games. It was raining so the surface was wet, and that means that it is gonna be harder for me to go back to my position.

Good thing

  • I was able to hit deep and shake the opponent.
  • I was thinking positive for the whole entire match.

Things I couldn’t do

  • I was using my upper body so much that I had no consistency.
  • I used too much slice for my backhand, I think I am too afraid to miss.
  • I need to put more shape in my ball.
  • I did my serve tose at the front somy weight was at the front so it was good.
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