[2021.12.16] Hitting with Noah Eagle at Windmill/Nicholson park

Nicholson Park Hitting practice

We did a 2 set match with proper rule and I won 6-0 6-1

Today it was funny weather. There were times that was raining and sunny, but all time there was a strong wind. When I first came no one was there and then Tomo san came so I was having a hit with him. He had a strong wrist. Noah switched his backhand to 1 hand I think that is one of the reasons why I won the match. 

Good things

  1. I went aggressive with my shot cause Noah’s serve was slow.
  2. I got so many return aces.
  3. My serve was also good, I did only 2 or 3 double faults in total.
  4. I used different types of playstyle, which I think confused Noah.
  5. My swing head speed increased, maybe because my shoulder muscle increased too.
  6. My feet were moving all along which made me able to hit the ball at my strike zone.

Things I have to change

  1. I say ‘common!’ too early so they might say hindrance as William Drain did.
  2. I do backhand slice too much so I need to get back my topspin backhand.
  3. For volley, I have to start from my racket head not turn.
  4. When I have time and confidence I need to get my intensity higher.
  5. I think I can do more drop shots that are better cause my drop shot right now suck.
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