[2021.12.17] Club night

Hitting practice

Audrey, Claire, Sophie, and Kohtaro were there.

I did a 10 point tiebreaker with Sophie and I won 14-12, she had 3 match points.

I did American doubles and king of the court with Audrey and Claire after Sophie was gone. Audrey was not playing the last 15-20 min maybe because she wanted to do something else. I did my grip western because that way I can hit the high part of the net and hit the ball deep with tons of topspin. 

Good things

  1. My serve was big so when we were playing king of the court I got many 1 shot points.
  2. I was hitting a ball that was so heavy I was surprised myself.
  3. I was aiming so much I was able to crush chance balls.

Things I have to change

  1. I need to use more high loop balls so that I am able to push the opponent back.
  2. I need to use more brain-like targeting their backhand the whole time or something.
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