[2021.12.17] Morning hitting with Audrey

Hitting practice

We were having a regular hit.

Today My body was in really good condition ( for now ) I was moving very well, I am starting to think that my intensity is getting better without trying to which is good news because that means that my body is used to it. I did short tennis then long tennis. We mostly did serve and point practice, because Audrey’s match is coming up and I wanted to do a Practical practice.

Good things

  1. I was able to corner Audrey
  2. I used my racket head weight well to hit the ball deep, I used a flat ball so I think it was easy for Audrey to hit back the ball.

Things I have to change

  1. I go to attack all the time so I have to be defensive sometimes.
  2. I have to look at the ball until the last moment because the surface was carpet and the carpet doesn’t bounce properly like a hard court.
  3. I have to set up low for forehand when I am getting shaken to the side.
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