[2021.12.18] Hitting with Kyle Gowing

Next Generation Tennis Court Hitting practice

We did a full 2 set match and I won 6-1 6-2

It was the indoor court, so there was no wind or any distraction, but the only thing is that just like BHB the air is so hot that I get lots of sweat. I did bring my towel so it was better but it was kind of uncomfortable. I said the score each time so there weren’t many points to argue. We were using a brand new ball so it was bouncy, and I and Kyle weren’t really able to hit nicely. 

Good things

  1. I was bending my knee so much and I only did 3 double faults in 7-8 games which I think is very good.
  2. I used a lot of powerful forehands, and Kyle got angry cause he got overpowered by me.
  3. I used a heavy Nadal ball to Kyle’s backhand and he had some trouble with that.
  4. I came into the court a lot and went offense.
  5. I was looking at Kyle very well, so I knew exactly when he is going to do drop shots.

Things I have to change

  1. My backhand was the thing that allowed him to get 3 games. 80% of the miss that I did was my backhand.
  2. I sometimes couldn’t finish the chance ball that he gave me.
  3. I want to stay at the back of the baseline because I stand too close.
  4. I want to have a better inside-out forehand crosscourt because I tend to hit it to the middle.
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