[2021.12.19] Training with dad

Hitting practice

I and dad did 3 things backhand, volley, and slice serve.


  • My foot is blocking my path way, so I need to open up my right foot more.
  • I need to relax my wrist, because it is so hard that I am not able to turn/rap the ball.
  • I have to turn my body, right now I am just tapping the ball with my hands.
  • I want my weight to go to the front more so I get more power.


  • My foot and my hitting time is being the same time and it isn’t ok, I have to step my foot first to get more power.
  • I have to keep my L shape for backhand volley when I uni-turn, right now it is lying down.
  • I need to hit the ball at the front, I still can’t for some reason, I have to hit it where I can see it.
  • I have to uni-turn quicker.

Slice serve

  • It was good, but sometimes my tose goes short and it goes easy side spin.
  • I do want my weight going to the front more because I can’t hit a good slice serve unless I have height or power to the front.
  • it doesn’t curve much, it is because I am not scrubbing enough, to the right.
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