[2021.12.22] Morning training with dad

Hitting practice

Today I mostly did backhand training. I did a little bit of serve, and a bit of volley.


  1. I need to brush the ball.
  2. I want to hit it deep more.
  3. It was hard for me to hit it to the cross-court.
  4. I have to bend and load at the same time then I will go up, and go forward at the same time.
  5. I have to do my take back earlier. ( I wrote this statement a lot )
  6. I tried 2 different take back. #1 is Fabio Fognini, #2 is Djokovic.


  1. I swung my racket so it created a lot of spins, but when a fastball came I wasn’t able to return it, so I have to make the racket’s face and just push forward.
  2. I did some good volley’s.
  3. When I came running from an approach shot I used my running weight to hit a fast volley and it actually worked.


  1. It was of the court, and the wind and the new ball, but my serve was amazing.
  2. My serve was fast and growing, and it was heavy.
  3. I used slice serve and it bounced so weirdly the slice serve was so useful it curved so much.
  4. I was good at deuce wide slice serve, but when it is the Adv side it was difficult to hit a slice serve.


Just because your feet aren’t working, and you miss don’t make it other’s or the wind’s fault.

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