[2021.12.23] Did a full 2 set match with Sanjay

Hitting practice

I won the match 6-1 6-3, it took quite a while to get the match to my pace.

Good things

  1. I was able to say a nice shot to Sanjay.
  2. I used slices, and Sanjay had a hard time.
  3. I was drinking water.
  4. I said the score each time, so not many arguments.
  5. I used to make myself in defense mode and wait for Sanjay to miss, but today I was able to make him miss by attacking him with no No Mercy.

Things I have to change

  1. I say too much common so need to chill.
  2. I need to go back when I see a lob/moonball cause right now I just brush on that position and it goes around the serves line and it is very dangerous.
  3. When there is a fastball that comes don’t try to tap and go defense mode because it won’t do anything try and move your leg and hit it back fast.
  4. Try to be careful on my serve Adv side cause I do a lot of double faults there so I need to try and do two 2nd serve at the beginning.
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