[2021.12.24] Hitting with dad

Hitting practice

My intensity was high I was trying to be like Rublev, and hitting hard and flat.

What I thought

  1. I hit hard when there is a looping ball coming around the baseline, I tried to hit deep.
  2. I hit 80% to their backhand when there is a chance ball, so they start to defend that side when there is a chance ball. After I while I hit crosscourt and they literally can’t react, I don’t need a fastball.
  3. I maybe could have used drop shot so that they have to take care of the front too.
  4. I still miss my backhand a lot, but I use backhand like, 20% in the point so I guess if I practice a bit it will be better.
  5. I didn’t do serve cause my shoulder wasn’t really well, and it was ploppy.
  6. I tried to stand back and come into the baseline when I see a looping ball because if I start at the baseline when there is a fastball, I have to go defense mode.
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