[2022.1.14] Hitting with Damian

Hitting practice

We did 2 matches. 1 is 10 point tiebreaker, and the other is 6 games. I won the first one 10-7, and I won the other one 6-4. What I thought is that Damian is attacking and getting the winner, but I am defending and waiting for Damian to miss. He has a powerful one-handed backhand that is heavy flat, but my backhand is weak that is not powerful at all, and Damian’s forehand is not consistent but very powerful when it goes in.

Good things

  1. I hit the ball high part of the net, to his backhand and I made him on defending mode.
  2. I didn’t give up when he did a break on 3-3 and became 3-4.
  3. I tried to put topspin on my backhand like Sora Aoyama, and it worked.
  4. I used the new racket and it gave me so much topspin so I was able to hit my backhand very well.
  5. I was able to win the volley battle that I lost last time, my forehand volley got powerful and better.

Things I have to change

  1. I got aced 3 times from Damian, but I could have reacted faster, it was just that I didn’t split step.
  2. I need to be able to rap the match up instead of doing unneeded stuff and make the match longer.
  3. I maybe can do more netplay, and win more points.
  4. It was good that I did double 2nd serve when I started doing double fault but I still don’t need to do so much double faults.
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