[2022.1.20] Training with Dad

Hitting practice

I lost the 10 point tiebreaker at the end 7-10 and I don’t think the score really matters because I was consistent and I only did 1 double fault. We did forehand feeding for the whole time, and most of the time it was hand-feeding from the back. The reason why I can’t prevent big power is that I stop my hip when it rotates, but what I need to do is to fully rotate by also rotating my shoulder.

Things I learned

  1. When I serve, when I think of going forward and getting more power, I lean forward so much that I hit down and end up hitting the net.
  2. I use to up banana shape movement so I need to use more hip side movement.
  3. You don’t need to bend your leg so much, and you don’t prevent power by bending your leg, all it matter is you are loading the power on your back foot and twisting your hip joint.
  4. When I was doing 10 point tiebreaker my takeback is too big.
  5. When there is a chance ball I run forward too much that I end up hitting the ball at the back.
  6. When there is an approach shot I think should do my takeback extra small, and get consistency.
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