[2022.1.3] Hitting with dad

Hitting practice

When we went there we had a long long time for a short tennis warm-up, it was because I was doing a lot of overs and I was not chilling. Next, we did hand feeding from the baseline. That was only 2 baskets, next we did feeding on the net to the baseline, and my dad was moving me crazy. We did 3 baskets and I was dying. After that we did some serve’s and the rule was I got 3 chances of not doing net (So it can be over). But the deal is that if I get my serve in 3 in a row I get 1 extra life. Then we did some slice forehand volley smash routine.

Good things

  1. I never said bad things.
  2. I had powerful serve, I tried doing my tose on the left I tiny tiny bit and it worked so much.
  3. I was able to read where is the ball ganna land better than last time.
  4. When I hit I was ready to go back to the middle.
  5. I used a high loop ball for my forehand, and I think it helped a lot.
  6. For smash, I did my take back a little small.

Things I have to change

  1. I broke the elbow part when I am doing the take-back, so I might break my elbow when I keep doing it.
  2. I have to do full swing for my backhand more.
  3. I am almost doing foot fault so I need to watch out for serve.
  4. My right foot is starting to pass my left foot.
  5. My left arm is breaking when I serve.
  6. It was hard for me to control when I do backhand slices.
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