[2022.1.9] Practice with dad

Hitting practice

Today I did backhand feeding 2 buckets then forehand & backhand feeding 1 bucket, it was very tiring especially after the 2-day break. My weight goes too front from my backhand that I do net. I tried to bend my knee down and push the ball, but it didn’t turn outright. I need way more consistency.

Good things

  1. I was able to hit a fastball, and my dad had a hard time volleying my shot.
  2. I hit a good shot for my forehand I out tons of topspin.
  3. The service I was able to keep my posture straight and I was able to hit it hard.\
  4. At first, my tose was tall and I was loading, but then I changed it to my regular one which is fast service, and both of them were good.
  5. But the short serve gives me more power and I am able to target my place to hit easier, but the long serve gives me more consistency.

Things I have to change

  1. I want my foot to work faster so that I can catch up to the ball easier.
  2. I want to prepare my backhand quicker so I can have more time even when a fast ball comes.
  3. I want more topspin on my ball, and I want to put shape on my ball because it is bazooka right now, and it is useful but I can’t put it in my general point.
  4. I need more consistency on my groundstroke.
  5. I thought I need a slice for my backhand, but then I realized that all I had to do was move forward quicker!
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