[2022.2.9] Info about my Backhand

Hitting practice

Why is backhand important in tennis

  • Without a good backhand, a tennis player cannot reasonably expect to go very far as a tournament or professional player.
  • When you play a left-hander they will mostly hit your backhand because it is their forehand crosscourt.
  • Players try to hit the ball with their forehand because it is 1 hand and you can generate more power, so if you are able to hit a good backhand you can win more matches.
  • Even if you can go around the backhand with your forehand, in service it won’t be easy, so if you are able to hit a good backhand you can win more matches.

Different type of backhand shots

normal height shot is mostly flat and powerful because you don’t want to hit backhand most of the time so you want to make them afraid of the backhand, and want to attack so you don’t have to hit backhand again.

How do you hit a good backhand

  • Weight is very important in tennis, and if you want to hit a deep backhand you want to maybe lean forward or, hit the ball at the front.
  • When you are at the baseline you want to have a strong left foot facing the side then lean forward and BLAST through the ball.
  • You want to hop once when you are approaching, and brushing up will be hard because you have 2 hands, but if you bend your leg it will be easier.

Things you have to watch out when you are hitting backhand

  • You want to twist your hip full 180 degrees, then you can hit the ball at the front more.
  • You want to make sure to bring your back foot to the front.
  • You want to do a different type of follow-through in different types of balls.
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