[2022.4.6] Practicing one-handed backhand and serving on the wall

Hitting practice

I and dad went to a place where there is a wall beside a tennis court and we went there. There were people on the court but we used the wall. I practiced using a one-handed backhand, and I tried to hit a big serve.

What I learned during this time

  • When I do one-handed backhand I must swing my racket to the 50min place I tend to do my follow-through to the 45min and I will injure my shoulder really bad.
  • I should do my take back really fast because you won’t be able to hit one-handed if you are late.
  • I should bend my leg down and crouch a bit because you will do many overs.
  • If I want to hit the very flat and fast focus on the strike zone and rip my arm faster.
  • When there is a chance ball tries to over rap the ball and put topspin by raping not but brushing.
  • I need to make sure to bring up the low ball down to up.

For serve

  • I need to use more of the banana shape when I serve.
  • Make sure to swing up and don’t rush to swing down.
  • Double-check where I want to tose and correct it every time.
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