[2022.5.15] Having a hit with the best and some training

Hitting practice

It was the last day with him, and we played 2 hours of tennis and after he came to our house and we had a chat and fitness activity good for me. It was a good and interesting having a chat with him.

Things I am going to do next time

  • I always try to go defense and use spin when there is a fast shot, and if I keep doing that then I won’t be able to hit back in the rally when I get older, now it might be fine. If I keep hitting at this fast tempo then I do a normal rally it will be very easy for me. Stand the ground even getting shaken around.
  • Keep my racket high for some reason my racket drops down and then I won’t be able to swing my racket fast and hit a heavy ball. A tip is to try to start from my butt cap then it will be easier for me to rotate my racket head.
  • It is important to be able to hit the ball fast but, I shouldn’t do this all the time, when there is a low ball I need to make the ball a shape and get the ball in first because if I hit very hard on a difficult ball then it will end up being a useless miss.
  • A good way to attack is being able to change my grip faster without thinking about it because when I am at the net doing volley, I miss a lot of slow balls which is high volley so maybe next time if it is a key point, do drive volley and push your opponent back.
  • Use your hand like water but my body needs to be hard because your body has to keep it still or else you can’t make your ball straight and I need to make my hand relaxed or else I will injure myself
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