[2022.5.8] Playing tennis the whole day

Hitting practice

I played 6 hours of tennis today, 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon.
In the morning it was the hard court and there was this big road over our head like 30m away from us, and there were so many shadows so my hands were not getting sweaty and I felt my grip a little slippery.
And after that, it was the afternoon session and it was outdoor and the sun was out so my hand was sweaty and I was able to play a great tennis game.

What I am going to do next time

  • I hit spin all the time, but the ball goes high so I want to hit hard and flat.
  • My body opens up and I hit cross-court all the time, so keep my body still and hit more flat ball down the line.
  • I need to do my take back faster because I am late and when I am late it will be tough.
  • When I serve, I need to use more slice serve but there are many different types of slice serve. There is one that curves or one that slides, I want to hit a serve that slides so I am going to use my weight forward and push a little more.
  • When I hit a lob in doubles I show my opponent that I am going to hit a lob so they move back which is not so good, I have to show that I am going to hit hard and then do a lob that way it is way more useful.
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