[2022.6.19] Doubles practice with Niro

Hitting practice

Today was good in the beginning I was very happy and we were both helping each other the sun came out.
It was very hot in the beginning but it became hotter and hotter. We all didn’t have energy and we couldn’t take it, I was about to fall down, other than that I think it was good because everyone was happy.

I learned that I have to focus more on what I am here for.
It changes many things if I don’t double fault so much like last time.
Niro can only hit cross-court with his backhand so I have to cover when the opponent realizes that.
Niro can hit a very powerful forehand down the line, so I will try to cover when the opponents hit that back.
I and Niro decided that we won’t use many slices from the baseline because the ball is slow and the opponent will come in and volley it.
When I’m the volleyer I should act like I can get everything, because right now I act like I can’t get everything.

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