[2022.7.31] tennis coaching from a very special person

Hitting practice

I played for 3 hours with him and he is a two-handed player. He taught me double, but he taught me mental things the most. And I got tired so much after.
We played double, and what he is saying was very understandable because he tells with numbers and he tells me the right reasons. I played double with him and he had a big serve.

What he taught me

  1. That you need 24 points to win a set and just because you lost one doesn’t mean it is the end of the world and you should never let your mind beat you. Stay positive and when you do a miss, make a difference so example if you do a net try hitting over the net, etc because if you don’t make a difference you won’t improve.
  2. Stay on the T-mark in doubles when the opponent is serving and when you are the volleyer because the opponent can’t hit the wide/side that good because it is a small spot but the center is easy because there is space so I will protect the center because it is hard for them to hit wide/side.
  3. When you hit the volley try to see your opponent and the ball in the same view because you are playing tennis with the opponent.
  4. Don’t move your head so when you hit the ball.
  5. Singles require more speed and fitness.
  6. I stick to the baseline too much so use small steps to adjust your movement.
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